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August 14, 2005

A Wake Up Call

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I am watching the administration proceed with a plan to allow us to invade Iran and it is so reminiscent of the recent past as to be transparent lies and fear tactics. The current group in charge, known in Washington as Team B, is once again playing the Weapons of Mass Destruction card and the media is going along. How many times is this same group going to get away with this hype?

The BBC produced a well vetted and well researched documentary called The Power of Nightmares that explains how the current group in charge, the NeoCons, have been working at having the US become the World’s controlling force for decades. This is an eye-opening and sobering look at the forces at work in Washington. It exposes the corruption and the delusional thinking of both the Washington Gang and the Islamic Nut cases.

If you can find a site to watch this documentary please do so. It will help you understand how we got into this situation, and perhaps show us how to avoid further involvement in the dreams of empire currently gripping the administration.

I suggest these two sites to give more information about what is going on:

Common Dreams,
In These Times

Both of these people give information not available in the Mainstream Media. It is a wake up call to those of us not willing to just sit by and watch the US burn.