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July 25, 2003

Hooray For US

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Today I read on that the Congress of this great country fought for us today. They voted to stop some of the more extreme parts of the Patriot Act. This one was about law enforcement being able to just walk into our homes without judicial oversight and arrest who ever they wanted. Wow, I am so very proud of our representatives right now.

It has been scary to watch the types of manipulation and lies be perpetrated upon our country by some very slick and shady people. From that spoiled brat who is our President Select – baby Bush and all of his self-important and nutty appointees, from Cheney (I love money & power), to Wolfowitz (my hero is Hitler), to Michael Powell (I love being courted by big media), to Condi Rice (I love pleasing my men), to Carl Rove (I love being in control).

But today our representatives did what they are there to do. They said, “That is enough.” I have been very upset and scared about losing this wonderful home of mine ~ the USA. I have always loved this country. I know we have problems but one of the things that has always made us so strong is that we admit mistakes and grow as a result.

The basis of democracy is that this is a place where everyone gets to be who they are. I think that for the first time in the history of the world we have a source of information that is available to everyone. We have the Internet.

It is an unblinking and unflinching beacon. It gives even those of us with little power the ability to get the truth. Here is a place where you can instantly find out what is going on in the world. We can talk to people from around the world. We can see news sources from around the world. This is especially important in times like this when there are those who only want us to see or read what they want. Big media is mostly interested in profits, they do not want to upset anyone. Therefore they want to give only the party-line. The neo-cons (the current reactionary group) want to remake the country in their image. They only want us to follow. The biggest media group that completely fits this image is Rupert Murdock’s Fox news—just tune in a watch the slanted and funny antics there. But at this point in history we have a way of finding out more about what is going on than ever before.

I am so happy to see some break in the strangle hold the rich and ultra-right religious have been getting. I know it is really only the beginning, but it is a beginning.

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