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August 10, 2004

Why the Patriot Act?

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I have been reading a great deal about the Patriot act since its introduction. Many have decried the Orwellian overtones and have been saying that it is the undoing of our Democracy. But I cannot help but wonder what the true purpose of the Act is. I have never been one for conspiracy theories. I do not think most of us have the intelligence or wit to pull one off. I think Chaos theory is much more likely to explain life. So I look at the Patriot Act and wonder—what is going on?

In thinking about this one thing that keeps coming up is that “Big Business” would just love to have much of the information that would be more readily available as a result of this act. They could have access to much more than they do now. They would know your most intimate secrets. They could then market more directly to you. After all the intelligence community does not really need this information. They have demonstrated time after time that they cannot keep track of the information that they have access to now. So why the Patriot Act? Perhaps it is just marketeers trying to get their greedy little hands on more specific personal information from each of us. Just a theory.

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