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October 15, 2004

No Real Choices

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I have watched the three presidential debates and I must admit that I feel disappointed and somewhat cheated. I do feel as though Senator Kerry won but having seen him speak about the war in Vietnam, I wish he could have brought the same passion to the problems we now face.

I do see that there seem to be many people who do not want to face our problems and as a result do not want them talked about. But knowing that the candidates, and their staff, were the ones who set the agenda. The debates were predictable and flat. The two were doing their stump speeches and that is boring. Of course I admit that watching Bush act like a spoiled and petulant child is amusing. He is quite the brat.

I admit that I would prefer a campaign that included others such as the Green candidate, the Libertarian candidate, and Ralph Nader. I think having them included would broaden the debate and keep it from becoming just a contest for rich white men. I remember growing up that one of the myths I was told was that anyone could become president. Not so much now. If you are not willing to kiss the ring of Corporate America, then you do not stand a chance. They have marginalized all of the other candidates. I have listened to Ralph Nader and I know he is telling the truth. I know that he is our conscious. He is not in the pocket of “big business” and as a result does not stand a chance. How sad. We could use someone of his intellect and knowledge, but we will have to pick one of the Corporate Choices instead. Of course I will vote for Kerry because at least he is not a big baby who does not want to have to think or read.

Yech!!!! What a world, what a world.

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