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In Memory of Sharon Michele McAvoy Nichols .:. December 24, 1949 – October 10, 2005

October 22, 2005

For My Little Sister, Sharon

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This is the saddest time of my life… Michele was and will be one of the strongest influences in my life. Even though we were not as close after she married Mark, we still had our connection. She was so happy with him.. and I just loved that for her. When we were young our family moved a lot and we were uprooted time and time again. So we became very close as we had to constantly leave our friends behind. I am missing her more and more each day and find it so very hard to be without her.

Here are some pictures that express my love:

various family photos

Bye Cutie,

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  1. I can no longer hold my tongue regarding this posting. Michele had a vastly different recollection of her childhood, and her relationship with her brother was virtually non-existent. Several times in the months between her mother’s death and her own she talked not only of being an orphan but of not having any family left due to the utter lack of meaningful relationship with her sibling.

    I know that Michele would counsel me against building karma by saying these things here for the world to see, but I cannot continue to ignore my feelings in this matter. I am terribly sorry for the loss her death has visited upon everyone who knew her, and while I know the substance of my own grief I cannot know the form other’s grief will take. If it helps some to gloss over the truth as Michele saw it, and as I knew it, so be it.

    However, this site is a remembrance of Michele and all she stood for. She would not have allowed half-truths to go without challenge, and so I won’t either. Truth is truth, and the people who truly knew her and had her confidence will know what is real and what is the emperor’s clothes.